fitlet RM iA10 network forwarding performance

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fitlet RM iA10 network forwarding performance

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Hi all

We use the Fitlet RM iA10 Rev 1.4 as firewall in a gigabit network (all +CAT6).

We observe unexpected low packet forwarding performance for inbound data traffic from network interface 1 to network interface 4 while cpu load is <10%.
Based on a speedtest provided by our network provider, we see max tcp downstream of ~80MBit/sec.
throughput.png (24.86 KiB) Viewed 302 times
What is the max packet forwarding performance from one network interface to another?
Through what kind of bus are the 4 networking interface connected?
What is this bus max throughput?
Are all 4 networking interfaces connected in the same kind? Or are there pairs which might perform better than others?

According to fitlet-i HW diagram [1] the network interfaces are connected via PCIe 2.0 (5Gb/s). Based on that I expected higher network throughput.

We used to have the old fit-pc, but upgraded some year ago because of its limited 50MBit/sec packet forwarding capability (iirc it was because of its low bus speed).
Now, looking at the packet forwarding performance between network interfaces of fitlet RM iA10 with its gigabit interfaces is disappointing.

Thank you for any hardware insights, performance results or hints how to improve the network performance.


[1] Fitlet HW diagram ... iagram.pdf

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Re: fitlet RM iA10 network forwarding performance

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Please send us the Serial Number of this device to
Andrey Mazlin, Application Support Engineer
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