Give Fitlet Hand Tracking Gesture Control Using Leap Motion

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Give Fitlet Hand Tracking Gesture Control Using Leap Motion

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Technology continues to march forward, and yesterday's science fiction often becomes today's reality. Such is the case with hand tracking gesture control as depicted in the 2002 movie "Minority Report". In that movie, Tom Cruise effortlessly manipulates wall sized computer displays by simply moving his fingers, hands, and arms.
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The Leap Motion Controller provides fitlet with Minority Report like capabilities by providing it with the ability to track your fingers, hands, and arms and translate those movements into gestures. Such systems can be used for computer control and virtual reality applications. Although the capabilities provided do not rise to the level of those depicted in Minority Report, they are nevertheless quite futuristic and extremely cool.

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The hardware required is:

1. Fitlet
2. Leap Motion Controller
3. Special Leap Motion USB Cable (Included with controller)
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Give Fitlet Hand Tracking Gesture Control Using Leap Motion

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System Software for Linux

The required Linux software is available at:
LeapMotionSetup.png (137.69 KiB) Viewed 31549 times
Download and Install

1. Download the compressed archive file Leap_Motion_Setup_Linux_2.3.1.tgz
2. Extract the contents of the tarball file
3. Install the software using the command sudo dpkg --install Leap-2.3.1+31549-x64.deb
4. Install any dependencies indicated during the install
5. Reboot fitlet

Test and Run

1. Connect the Leap Motion Controller to fitlet.
2. Verify the Leap dameon is running using the command sudo service leapd status
3. Run the software using the command LeapControlPanel. An oblong, green tray icon should appear.
4. Right click on the tray icon and select Diagnostic Visualizer. A window containing a 3D grid should appear.
5. Place your hands above the Leap Motion Controller and begin experimenting with gesture control.

Welcome to the World of the Minority Report!!!
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Videos of Leap Motion Control on Fitlet

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Give Fitlet Hand Tracking Gesture Control Using Leap Motion

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Open-Source Leap Motion Apps

Admittedly, the selection of Open-Source Leap Motion Apps suitable for use on Fitlet in Linux is somewhat limited, and most of what is available is targeted towards Windows and OS X. That being said, there is a library of Linux apps and that library is growing over time. One source for Linux ready Leap apps is:

Open Leap found at
OpenLeapDotOrg.png (156 KiB) Viewed 31462 times
With a bit of searching, other sources can be found.

On-Line Leap Motion Apps

Some quite interesting On-Line Leap Motion Apps are available. These apps do not require installation and are a quick, easy, and fun way to explore the capabilities of Leap Motion.

Fend off Zombies in the on-line app called Spark found at
Spark.jpeg (484.21 KiB) Viewed 31462 times

Navigate in the virtual world of Leap 3 Camera Controls found at

Draw in the virtual Ink Motion Sketch Pad found at


The results while running the Diagnostic Visualizer on fitlet were encouraging. The software tracked my fingers, hands, and arms relatively well. Most movements and gestures were tracked, but occasionally things got a little bit confused and the depicted hand positions didn't match reality.

Overall, watching your hand movements being mimicked on your computer screen is a bit mesmerizing.


1. The Leap Motion Controller is a very futuristic and cool device.
2. Real usefulness for the Leap Motion Controller will require more than an application which shows a representation of your hands moving on your display. It will require the adoption and integration of the technology into everyday, real-world applications. From what I gather, the community isn't quite there yet - too bad.
3. Fitlet again demonstrates its ability to embrace and integrate new technology.

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