Fitlet: A Method to Monitor Input Power

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Fitlet: A Method to Monitor Input Power

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Depending on the situation, knowing input power levels for systems like Fitlet can be critical. Applications such as operating in a remote location on batteries require good power management which begins with an understanding of the system's power requirements.

The proliferation of battery powered radio controlled models has led to the availability of small dc power meters designed to monitor the performance of batteries and models. These monitors measure voltage, current, power, and expended battery capacity in amp-hours. They are accurate and relatively inexpensive. They are also ideal for monitoring small, low power computer systems such as Fitlet.

Here is one way to implement such a power monitor.


This project uses the following items:

1. 12 VDC, 3 Amp Power Supply
2. PowerMatch Power Meter
3. Custom power cable between supply and power meter (18 Awg cord terminating in bannana plugs on 1 end and female r/c star plug on other end)
4. Custom power cable between power meter and Fitlet (FitPC DC cable available from Compulab terminated on other end with male r/c Star Plug)
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For info on the Power Meter, Star Plug Connectors, and FitPC DC Cable see the following links:


The R/C Power Meter workes quite well for monitoring Fitlet. It provides instantaneous, average, minimum, and maximum values for voltage, current, and power. It also displays amp-hours expended which is useful if you are operating on battery power.
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