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SATA 2.5" drives on fitlet-H/-T - Used or tried by customers

Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:25 pm
by Arwen
Feel free to reply with information on your SATA 2.5" drive(s), known to work or not.
Please specify enough details about your SATA drive(s) for someone else to purchase.

If you have measured speed results, please post as well as the SATA speed your
SATA drive(s) supports.

This was moved from my fitlet-iA10 with external eSATA enclosure, to a new fitlet-H
so I could have my media all in one. Seems to work great. Eventually I may need to
concat this drive with the remainder of my 1TB mSATA drive when my media fills up
this 2TB drive.

Disk drive:
Vendor - Seagate
Model - ST2000LM003
Data size - 2TB
Physical size - 2.5", 9.5mm
Interface & speed - SATA III
Measured speed - Upto 132MBps, though I tend to get between 60MBps and 93MBps

Edit: After a few months, I noticed that the load cycles was >12,000. So I disabled
power save and no more excessive unload/load cycles.