eSATA drives on -i or -iA10 - Used or tried by customers

RAM modules, mSATA and other devices compatible with fitlet
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eSATA drives on -i or -iA10 - Used or tried by customers

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Feel free to reply with information on your eSATA drive(s), known to work or not.
Please specify which fitlet model, -i or -iA10, and enough details about your
eSATA drive(s) for someone else to purchase.

If you have measured speed results, please post as well as the SATA speed your
eSATA drive(s) supports.

This combination works fine for me.

My fitlet model - fitlet-iA10

Vendor - Oyen Digital
Model - MiniPro eSATA / USB 3.0
Physical size - for 2.5" drives upto 15mm
Power - A.C. adapter (used this one), USB, or eSATAp but cable not supplied
Internal interface - SATA III
External interface - eSATA III, (used this one), or USB 3.0 with UAS

Disk drive:
Vendor - Seagate
Model - ST2000LM003
Data size - 2TB
Physical size - 2.5", 9.5mm
Interface speed - SATA III
Measured speed - Upto 125MBps, though I tend to get between 60MBps and 90MBps
Arwen Evenstar
Rivendale, Middle Earth

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