Mounting bracket and stacking

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Mounting bracket and stacking

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I don't know, if it is mechanically feasable, but it would be nice, if the case had screwholes at the edges to use screws similar to the ones in this picture, such that fitlets could be stacked with some space between the cases: ... uster.jpeg The screws would have to be different though, with male ends on both sides, such that the fitlet cases could have holes on both sides.

(11) Does the current case design have any mounting options, such that a fitlet could be installed at the back of a monitor or somewhere else?


Re: Hardware questions

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Check out fitlet VESA mounting. ... M1aTr9okjv

Now that you mention it, the same bracket can be used for stacking. I actually haven't thought of it. I'll post a picture later.
We will soon introduce DIN Rail mounting as well.

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