fitlet iA10 bios update and RAM problems

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fitlet iA10 bios update and RAM problems

Post by Londo »

Hi, I have the fitlet iA10 hardware version 1.2
I just upgraded the BIOS to the newest version SBCFLT_0.08.08 and now I cannot boot the computer unless I plug out the ram and put it in again.

Where can I find the previous version of the BIOS SBCFLT_0.08.04 ?

OK here is an update...
This has nothing to do with plugging the ram in and out. What is the problem is that I have to have the computer turned off for like 10 minutes before I can start it again (for now I plug the power-cord out of the machine), thus reboots are out of the question. This "turn-off" happened automatically when I was pinning the ram in and out.

Another issue with the new bios (and the old one). I tested with the ADATA RAM 8GB DDR3L (the same one as recommended on the wiki for fitlet), but the OS only saw 4GB (and it run on 800Mhz according to lshw). The strange thing, with the new bios, a 1.5V 8GB ram works well, in the sense the OS (fedora/ubuntu) sees the whole thing 8GB. The new ram is Kingston 8GB KFJ-FPC3B/8G DDR3 1333MHz, and according to lshw it is running at 667 MHz.

I think because of this, I don't want to downgrade anymore. But it would be nice to have access to the "SBCFLT_0.08.04". So the initial question stands, could anyone from compulab put it as a download?



Re: fitlet iA10 bios update and RAM problems

Post by mbirger »

Regarding RAM:
fitlet-A10 memory controller limited up to 1333 Mbps, which is data rate, while 667 MHz is the clock frequency (data rate is twice the memory clock).

Our BIOS expert will get in touch with your regarding downgrades.
Anyway, we will check again the memory behavior of ADATA RAM.

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