Mintbox Mini Pro power-on state

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Mintbox Mini Pro power-on state

Post by rgwaltman »

When power is applied to my Mintbox, it immediately begins booting Linux.

I expected to find in the BIOS the common option to set the power on-state to On, Off, or restore the state it had when power was removed, but did not find such an item.

I can work around this with Linux scripts, (shutdown 1 minute after power on, unless shutdown is canceled,) but I'd rather relay on the BIOS.

Am I missing anything? If not, please consider this a request to include this option in a future BIOS update.



Re: Mintbox Mini Pro power-on state

Post by mbirger »

Today in fitlet it is HW based auto-on, regardless of BIOS. This was done to improve auto-on circuit critical in industrial applications.

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