Optimizing for low power consumption

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Optimizing for low power consumption

Post by Stigc »

Hi, could anyone share tricks and ideas on how to optimize the fitlet for lowest power consumption. e.g. disable wifi-card, lower ram voltage etc.

Please explain what to do and also post measurements if you have some.

I also like to know about Mint specific tweaks.

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Re: Optimizing for low power consumption

Post by Arwen »

If WiFi is not needed, just remove it. In the case of the fitlet-i and
fitlet-iA10, it's an internal half length miniPCIe card. For the other
models, I understand it's a USB module.

The mSATA drive take more power, (and are much faster), than a
microSD card.

In general, USB 3.0 devices take more power than USB 2.0.

You can't really lower RAM voltage. But, you can select lower density
memory. I went with the maximum, 8GB for my fitlet-iA10 and 16GB
for my fitlet-H. They are likely eating up power.

Last, if you are using wired Ethernet, limit the speed to 10/100Mbps.
Gigabit takes more power. Their are multiple ways to limit speed, in
the OS, in the switch or simply limit the cable to 2 pairs. (Gigabit needs
4 pair cables.)
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