fit-PC4: Change in RTC battery type

Engineering change notice for fit-PC4
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fit-PC4: Change in RTC battery type

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fit-PC4 RTC battery is changed from soldered rechargeable battery to non-rechargeable battery on wires connected by W2B connector to the SBC.
This change also include removing the recharging mechanism on the board (More info of the components removed in the battery replacement guide at the Erratum link below).

The goal of this engineering change is to improve reliability of CMOS retention and RTC time keeping. Non-rechargeable batteries are found to be more reliable than rechargeable ones, last in fit-PC4 for over 5 years under normal usage scenarios and are easy to replace.

The change applies to SBC serials staring from: 171015-xxxx

Note: before replacing fit-PC4 RTC battery, please note the following erratum: ... ry_Erratum

* Compulab do not recommend self servicing soldered or rechargeable batteries for machines that are not under Warranty.

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