mini-PCIe Network Card

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mini-PCIe Network Card

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We are trying to install a mini-PCIe network adapter on an Intense PC2 running Linux but the network card is not detected by the system. We tried the internal full mini-PCIe port and the full mini-PCIe port which is on the FACE module (the standard one with two USB3.0 ports).

We activated the switch in the BIOS SATA/mini-PCIe but it doesn't seems to have any effect. We also tried with other BIOS parameters, without success. Is there any specific BIOS configuration which we should set?

We tested the mini-PCIe network adapter on other computer and it seems to work properly.


Re: mini-PCIe Network Card

Post by mbirger »

In general you did OK. In order to operate mini PCIe in IPC2, it should be installed, BIOS should be configured properly (as default is mSATA) and appropriate drivers should be installed.
What type of PCIe card you're trying to install?
Have you tried other PCIe modules?

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