Displayport adapter not working

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Displayport adapter not working

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I'm having the exact same problem here where I can't make these DisplayPort adapters work, and honestly, I bought this version of IPC because I didn't even imagine that the displayport could be an issue. I already converted mini-display-port to dvi so I was not expecting to have this problem.

The 3rd monitor where I need to connect has VGA/DVI. I already bought two adapters (1 encore, 1 generic) and both failed miserably.

So, mbirger, would you be so kind to point me a link to an adapter that should work?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Re: Displayport adapter not working

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Apologies for the late response -
First, you can purchase DP-to-VGA adapter from Compulab. Please contact sales: sales@fit-pc.com
Also, DP to VGA are very common on the market:
3rd party DP to VGA adapters – several adapters have been tested and qualified by CompuLab
a. Dell: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/prod ... u=330-4685
b. HP: http://www8.hp.com/uk/en/products/oas/p ... id=3955073

But perhaps you have to configure first your OS to get 3 displays to work. This is often the case.

First step is to define the 2 monitors will be operational during boot as described:

Second step is to set Windows display settings:
Under Windows Screen Resolution options you have to make each display as extended version (Extend these display...)

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