Spontaneous power off

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Spontaneous power off

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My IPC2 has started powering off spontaneously at random times. I think this depends on the linux kernel version, but I'm not completely sure. Power off can happen when the system is idle or when I'm typing. When it happens, the machine just shuts off and a red LED lights up. Pressing the power button reboots the IPC2 normally. I don't think this is a heat problem, CPU is running below 50 C.

A colleague has the same problem on his IPC (or Mintbox, not sure). His computer is completely unusable, mine works better.

I'm running the latest BIOS "IPC2_3.330.3 X64". Any ideas?


Re: Spontaneous power off

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Please try to make a clear installation of the OS and check again.
Also, please remove the storage and see if IPC2 powers down.

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