Unclear what Wireless card is being used.

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Unclear what Wireless card is being used.

Post by Glomos »

We just received our FitPC4 and have been in the progress of prepping one with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

During the installation of drivers we noticed that all but one of the drivers in the repository worked. We checked the Datasheet on the website to be sure we had the right drivers for the wireless card and it said we did. After checking what kind of Wireless card the FitPC4 came with, it was totally different from the sheet.

(Information taken directly from http://fit-pc.com/download/fit-pc4/docu ... erview.pdf)
fitPC4 Networking
2x Intel GbE LAN ports
Intel I211 GbE Controller

Intel® Dual Band Wireless

FitPC4 Pro
Wireless WLAN/BT Connectivity
Intel® Dual Band Wireless

The wireless card currently in our FitPC4 is the Realtek TRL8188 CE Wireless LAN 802.11n COMBO pci-e nic. Maybe it's a good idea to add that driver to the FitPC4 repository too. This can save others the same confusing that we got.


Re: Unclear what Wireless card is being used.

Post by mbirger »

fit-PC4 Pro installed with Intel WLAN device, while fit-PC4 Value with Azurewave WLAN device. I agree with you, and we will add Azurewave module drivers to the wiki.


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