Memory support?

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Memory support?

Post by Yo! »

Hi, I've recently order a fit-PC4 Pro Barebone and am having some memory compatibility issues.

1) Does fit-pc4 support Kingston HyperX memory (, will the memory work with these parameters 1600 CL9-9-9?
Or have to buy ValueRAM memory (

2) Since the memory in fit-pc4 works in single channel mode, which option is preferable 2x4Gb or 1х8Gb (as will be faster, more reliable, etc..) ?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.


Re: Memory support?

Post by mbirger »

1. In terms of latency, I see no conflict with AMD platform requirements.
Any 204 pin SO-DIMM 64 bit (without parity byte) should be OK.
Max performance could be reached using SO-DIMM supporting 1,600 MT/s.

2. In single channel mode similar performance will be for 2x 4GB (1DPC) and 1x 8GB (2DPC), with slight tendency for higher rates at 1DPC.
So decision factors are:
a) Max supported rate (not all SO-DIMMs supports 1,600 MT/s)
b) Cost of the SO-DIMM

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