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2.5" HDD RPM Limit?

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:57 pm
by Qlaras
The Fit-PC3 had a limit of 5400RPM 2.5" drives - no 7200 (7.2K) RPM 2.5" drives - does the Fit-PC4 have a similar restriction? (It isn't listed in the specs, at least under the Fit-PC4 Pro Barebones specs here: ... -WACB-FM4U )


Re: 2.5" HDD RPM Limit?

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:22 pm
by mbirger
True! It is more a recommendation than restriction, due to power consumption of 7200 rpm drives. There might be driver to work well without overloading the system, but might be others. So in order to avoid any system failures we recommend not using 7200 drives on all Compulab products.