FIT-PC4 hdmi compatibility

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FIT-PC4 hdmi compatibility

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I have a Crestron long distance driver that is supposed to accept a wide variety of HDMI signals. I have it hooked to a projector, and the PC4 was supposed to be our multimedia machine for slide shows & movies & meetings. When I first got my PC4 it actually did display on the projector, but I took it off until I could resolve all the other problems (eg getting Zoom up, getting a USB sound card that isn't too noisy). I had the PC4 displaying on several other devices since removing it from the projector, but now it will not show any resolution on the projector. Either HDMI port. I need help reconfiguring.
Are there video card settings that can be tweaked?


Re: FIT-PC4 hdmi compatibility

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Please connect other HDMI display and see if works. Try both HDMI ports.
If not, reset the BIOS and try again: ... leshooting

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