USB monitor on IPC2

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USB monitor on IPC2

Post by thomasho »

I'm willing to buy an IPC2, but i've to be sure that he can work with an USB-display too.

- standard use: IPC2 connected to 2 HDMI-displays (big screens), so that will be no problem
- USB-display: both HDMI-displays will not be powered up, so at this moment only an USB-monitor will be connected as primary display.

OS will be Win 7 or 8.

For instance, this USB-Monitor:

Is this technically possible?


Re: USB monitor on IPC2

Post by mbirger »

IPC2 can work with USB displays as long as there are suitable drivers.
Regarding setups of USB as primary and only display, can't tell as we haven't tested such setups.

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