uSVR - Windows Server 2003 Install - RAID

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uSVR - Windows Server 2003 Install - RAID

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I am trying to install Windows Server 2003 onto the uSVR utilsing 4 disks in RAID 5. I am having trouble trying to find a driver for the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID in order to utilise the RAID controller. The only driver I can find is the enterprise version, which does not support the QM77 chipset. Unfortunately Windows Server 2003 is our only option as that is the OS our customer currently uses. Are you guys aware if a driver exists for the QM77 chipset. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: uSVR - Windows Server 2003 Install - RAID

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We haven’t tested Windows Server 2003 as it is a very old product that has no maintenance whatsoever, neither from Microsoft nor from us.
However we assume it’s kernel close to Windows XP kernel, so you can simply test Intense PC product Windows XP drivers. ... Windows_XP

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and RAID functionality are part of chipset HW/SW technology, thus please download the chipset driver and try it.
On our side we will do another check to see if this can be supported, but we cannot guarantee operation based on the above.

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