Options to encrypt HD using Win 10

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Options to encrypt HD using Win 10

Post by kassoe »

I have a smoothly running uSRV from 2013 with a 4 x 128 GB RAID setup (I forgot the exact setup up but it shows up as 256 GB and I see the 4 SSDs by name when the PC boots).

I earlier gave up encrypting the RAID when I migrated from Win8 to Win10. As far as I remember, I found out that it was simply not possible. Now it is becoming a requirement for one of the jobs I do. I could probably just pull out my four once quite expensive SSD disks and maybe also the 256 GB eSata from which I boot and where Windows is launched - and instead install everything on a 1 TB or 2 TB SSD. Or can I maintain and encrypt the eSATA and then also encrypt the second non-RAID disk?

Has anyone gone down this route? Any guidance to find anywhere? Any traps ahead? I'm just a silent PC fan which happens to be roughly 3% nerdy. Mostly I get through with what I intend to do, but I really do prefer to have a good idea of what I'm getting myself into, before I take things apart.

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Re: Options to encrypt HD using Win 10

Post by tamir »

I suggest you to contact the OS vendor, as this seems strictly OS based feature support.

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