Off-topic: CompuLab, Linux Mint and politics

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Off-topic: CompuLab, Linux Mint and politics

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Administrator note: This is a technical forum. People looking for political discussions can find plenty of web platforms to express their views. This thread is locked for further comments.
Compulab, which manufactures the Intense PC, is an Israeli firm. I am delighted to help the Israeli economy by my purchase of an Intense PC, but not everyone feels that way. There are plenty of anti-Semites out there. One anti-Semite is Clement Lefebvre, the lead developer of Linux Mint. He doesn't want supporters of Israel to use his distribution. I think we should oblige him. There are many fine Linux distos out there. Three excellent choices are Ubuntu or one of its variants, Fedora, and Chakra Linux.

Here's one link to this issue, but you can always google this issue yourself.


Re: Off-topic: CompuLab, Linux Mint and politics

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I am sorry to have to go off-topic...
We believe technology is meant to fulfill personal and commercial needs which are often similar despite differences in culture and beliefs, so technology can be great for bridging gaps that politics is widening.
What CompuLab has been trying to achieve together with the Linux Mint team in MintBox is a product that combines the core expertise of each of us. Both Clement and myself look to make MintBox the most satisfactory solution we can, and we couldn't care less about politics.

As individuals we are often exposed to agendas that oversimplify a complicated reality. One's willingness to change his mind is the best remedy to prejudice.

To quote Clement Lefebvre from his Linux Mint Blog:
Politics isn’t welcome on this blog and usually gets moderated. I understand where you’re coming from, as I had the same initial reaction a couple of years ago. I think many people remember my silly outburst about Israel and if I learnt two things about this:
1. We have nothing to do with politics, we’re here for a reason and it’s our passion for technology… so especially when we share a common thing like this, we shouldn’t let borders divide us,
2. that conflict is much more complicated than it seems, there’s a huge amount of propaganda on both sides of the fence and it’s extremely hard for an outsider to make an objective opinion. I received a lot of info and comments after my reaction, and I have to say… I just don’t know what to think or who to believe on this anymore. The only thing I know, is that the people at CompuLab are dedicated, passionate and extremely nice people, and that what is going on between the two factions over there has nothing to do with either them or us.


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