USB3 no power at all.

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USB3 no power at all.

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First I have try to plug usb2 and usb1 on the usb3 (blue one) plug in the back of the Intense Pc pro, I have tested with usb memory key, usb arduino, Usb logitech sound card, usb wireless mouse and keyboard, and no one work at all, neither detected with dmesg. There are no power at all. I am wrong or normally usb 2 (high speed) must work on usb 3 port (the blue one)? ie: lspci view (03:00.0 USB controller: Texas Instruments TUSB73x0 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 xHCI Host Controller (rev 02))

I have also view than when I plug usb mouse receiver or usb keyboard receiver on the 4 plug on front of the Pc intense the mouse freeze some time and the keyboard miss many keystroke, but the two work very good on the usb2 port in the back of the machine. It's the same with fedora/debian/mint

I need to make a RMA or it's a 'feature' ? :-D

Thanks you,

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Re: USB3 no power at all.

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Hello zelogik

I am sorry for any inconvenience you have with the IntencePC.
Do you face the issues described below also with the Live versions of Ubuntu/Linux Mint?

Gabriel Heifets

Fit-PC2/3/IntensePC support.

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