Blu Ray Playback on Fit-PC2?

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Blu Ray Playback on Fit-PC2?

Post by benjgil »

There are various threads on this forum discussing the theoretical performance of fit-pc2 playing Blu-Ray discs, but has anyone managed to successfully play Blu-Ray DVDs on their Fit-PC2 (either XP or Win7) using Power DVD 9 (plus the 1719 update with GMA500 support)?

Would be very interested in hearing from you if you have!

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Re: Blu Ray Playback on Fit-PC2?

Post by jmao »

I tested 1080p video recordings taken by Canon HF11, using Windows Media Player and default codec, they works fine with no frame skipping under a fresh installation of windows 7 pro.

Because those recordings are encoded in AVCHD (24 Mbits/s), I reckon, from the format point of view, they are close enough to resemble the actual blue ray content.

All those recordings were stored locally on a SDD of my fit-PC2.

Hence you probably want to research more in regard to playing blue ray content on USB connected external drives.

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